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Forgiving mind


I had a conflict with my husband on a serious issue. He is actually a very honest and a wonderful person, but very conservative and suspicious – especially about me.

Today, he blamed me for a thing that I didn’t do. At present, I am at my parents’ house. He called me, was so rude with me and said he didn’t want to see my face again! I was so much upset and heart-broken.

Suddenly I found a ray of divine light and faith, as I didn’t do anything wrong and nothing could be wrong with me!

Immediately, I closed my eyes and sat in Safe and Secure Mudra and chanted the flower remedies “Beach, Walnut, Willow, Agrimony, Chicory, Cherry Plum”.

I also did the forgiveness exercise.

Then I chanted “SRI RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM” continuously.

Within an hour, he called me and everything was normal once again. He is coming to take me soon. I am so happy. Thanks to divine and thanks to Naran for his unconditional help to mankind.

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No love from husband


Referring the blog:

Very nice post!

But I have a doubt in mind. In my case, I and my husband got married 3 years back. He said he loved me and asked my father for our marriage. My father agreed (I also liked him). But, his parents were not ready for this (still they keep torturing me for the same) at the time of our marriage.

He was engaged to one girl forcefully by his parents. That girl use to torture him and dominate him for everything. We were friends at that time. He realized his love for me and approached my father for the same.

But after marriage everything changed. His parents tortured us though we are not staying together. He never loved me the way a husband loves his wife. Not even for the initial few days. Till date he has not said anything good to me, and no intimacy between us since we got married.

I never got emotional and physical love, which every girl dreams of when she is about to get married. I asked him to go to a doctor many times, but he never accepted he has any problems. I have cried a lot in front of him, but he laughs. How he can laugh when I am crying if he said he loved me?

This had been happening right from the start. I am frustrated. Now, I get a feeling he is not right person for me. Last three weeks I am crying telling him how I feel, for which he has an answer, “I don’t know why I behave like this”. Can’t he see my pain?

Also, he is very selfish he only think of himself. He does not give me any respect. I am angry and frustrated. I am 32 years old waiting for my husband to love me. I don’t have time as I want a baby also, but before that I want a good loving and a caring husband.

Now, if I feel I should divorce him. Am I feeling wrong? Also don’t I deserve love and physical intimacy from my husband? Am I asking too much?

He says do whatever I feel is right. If I feel I should divorce him, he says to go ahead and do it. Why did he marry me? I feel just to get rid of that previous girl.

As I understand I don’t nag him for anything. What should I do should I divorce him? Will I have a good life? Please help me.


Most of the times, women suffer much at the hands of husbands.

Take the flower remedy AGRIMONY and SWEET CHESTNUT, two pills, three times a day.


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Rhythm of Love


We often observe (I saw in my life) that when two people fall in love or marriage arranged by parents, very early in relationship, boys tend to get physical. Sometimes, it may be by speech only.

Is that a normal human nature?

As I had faced it, I always carry a belief that my loved one wants me only physically. I fear that may be after marriage when he gets me, his love for me will vanish.

Is love is related with this urge?

How do we know that the opposite person loves us both mentally and physically, and not just by physical attraction alone?

For the readers, I am not giving any universal judgment. So please don’t take it personally. I know my question is not exactly a problem but I somehow I feel this way.


Do not go by assumption or expect things in a certain way.

Life is trust only.

Giving love without expectation, changing oneself instead of desiring to change the other person, and not to feel dejected over failure are some of the ways by which we can manage our mind.

Life is fundamentally management of the mind. It is not concerned with others.


Actually I always think that men want only that kind of love from me. They don’t like me as a person.


A woman’s energy flows down from her heart to her genitals, she needs emotional connection, and she needs to feel safe before she is ready for a physical connection.

It is the reverse for a man. His energy flows up so his desire starts in his genitals and finishes in his heart.

Women start from the HEART centre, while for men it starts from the HARA centre. This is to be understood and that is why touching his heart like a mother is to be done.


Your last line is simply wonderful. Love him like mother. I am so pleased by your answer.

If every people change his or her own view to accept others then I am sure there will be no misunderstanding.

Thank you! I will try to think like this.

Woman of Thanks

Overweight girl

I feel very low and depressed today.I am unhappy with my job.

I’m struggling to understand stuff and not anyone to talk to.

What can I chant to become popular at work, change departments and be happy and have people to talk to?

I want to get up and love to go to work? Is that possible? What am I doing wrong Naran?

I need the money and am fed up of slaving at low paid jobs? I need to be happy and not miserable.

I am very hard worker and learn things fast but I think people fail to see that and I never get an opportunity to show that.

I did my engineering but don’t mind doing admin or reception jobs as long as I’m happy- please help Naran?


I am fed up of slaving at low paid jobs? This thought is working against the following one, “I need to be happy and not miserable”.

“I am very hard worker” means that you are not working with full heart.

You are entitled to do the work only. Love the work on hand. Contribute fully.

If the management does not pay, you are also working with the feeling of anger resentment, and disappointment.

With these feelings, how can one contribute fully? Give 100% whether you receive appreciation in terms of money or word.

Everyday thank the morning. Start the day with attitude of gratitude.

I thank the divine for providing this job to me. Thank your management. Thank your colleagues.

Thank every event that is happening in your life.

When you get the salary, instead of feeling dejected, profusely thank the divine for giving the amount, you need and not the money you desire.

Divine wants you to thank and waiting for your gratitude to offer more.

Don’t judge the event or person as good or bad, as wanted or unwanted.

Thank your parents, thank your family thank your environment. Fill up whatever you see, with thanks.

Turn into a woman of thanks. Then see the life.

Thanks will make you love your life again. Thanks will fill up your life with light and life.

You are here to work for the Divine; it is Divine which is giving your salary. Thank!Thank!!

Overweight girl

I’m very happy with what god has given me and never fail to be in gratitude and thank–still I’m unhappy and don’t know what to do.


Then why are you unhappy?

If anyone is in gratitude, he can never be unhappy. Do not deceive yourself by saying that you are very happy with what god has given you. Ego is a great deceiver.

By refusing to learn or by justifying what one does, one never progresses. Do what I said.

Overweight girl

I do not know if I have ego!! But this is what I said and meant when I said I’m happy with what god had given me: I get three meals a day,I have clothes to cover me, I have a great husband and child,I have no disability and so on.

What I lack is: Idon’t have a job or career. Idon’t have friends. Idon’t have a good relationship with my brother n his family. I feel very lonely and fed up of speaking to myself all the time.My parents live alone and I worry a lot about them as they do not want to live with me and my brother does not seem to care about them.

I suppose one cannot have everything in life but still keep asking God as to why me!!If this is what you call ego then pls tell me how to get rid of it.


Your ego is still resisting to do what I said. You asked about the job situation. My reply is for that only. With resentment and unhappiness how can one give 100%?

Overweight girl

Pls tell me what to chant to get rid of ego and get the results soon.


Chant “I allow light and life to fill my life”.

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